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The 6th Global Clinical Trial Advanced and Planning Symposium was held online.

On March 3, 2022, the 6th Global Clinical Trial Advanced and Planning Symposium was held online under the theme of “Beyond COVID-19” .
With the COVID-19 pandemic still continuing, we are forced to coexist with COVID-19, while various global clinical trials have been actively promoted with a view to after overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic.
This year’s symposium theme was “Beyond COVID-19,” expanding on last year’s theme of “Global Clinical Research in COVID-19 Era”.

We invited key opinion leaders from Japan and overseas to give lectures titled “R&D of software as a medical device (SaMD) in Silicon Valley” and “Clinical practice, and vaccine and therapeutic drugs development for COVID-19” in Part1, “The use of Real World Data for Health Technology Assessment” in Part2 and “Development of Asian clinical Trials network for cAncerS (ATLAS)” and “Projects relating to communicable/ non communicable diseases” in Part3.

In each session, latest topics and issues related to the global clinical research were discussed and shared, which also led to strengthening of the network for global collaboration.

The symposium was a great success with many participants.
We would like to make efforts to prepare for the next Global Clinical Trial Advanced and Planning Symposium so that even more people will be interested and participate.


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