Academic Seeds in Japan
Save the World

We promote global clinical research originated by academia in Japan
to protect life and health worldwide.

(Japan Consortium of Clinical Research Core hospital)
accelerates R&D and overseas business development
for innovative clinical research projects
originated by academia through cooperation among J-CCRC.
We will deliver new treatments to
patients worldwide faster than ever before.


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Accelerate joint research with foreign countries

J-CCRC promotes the acceleration of joint research with foreign countries by releasing registered projects.


    To promote global clinical research

    J-CCRC supports research planning and implementation based on regulatory differences between countries.

    Medical Research & Clinical Trials


    If you wish to collaborate on a listed project, or if you wish to propose a joint research project, please fill in the Contact Form and submit it.

    J-CCRC Member

    • Hokkaido University Hospital
    • Tohoku University Hospital
    • National Cancer Center Hospital East
    • Chiba University Hospital
    • The University of Tokyo Hospital
    • Keio University Hospital
    • Juntendo University Hospital
    • National Cancer Center Hospital
    • Nagoya University Hospital
    • Kyoto University Hospital
    • Osaka University Hospital
    • Kobe University Hospital
    • Okayama University Hospital
    • Kyushu University Hospital