Research subject
Prevalence and dissemination patterns of Carbapenemase producing Enterobacteriaceae in the environment of Dhaka, Bangladesh
Osaka University Hospital
Principal investigator
Tania Tabassum Nisa
Contact (email)
Study outline
Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) has been estimated to cause 10 million deaths each year by 2050. Speculating a higher and different distribution of resistant pathogens in Dhaka, Bangladesh- home of 166 million people, we are investigating the prevalence of Carbapenamase producing Enterobacteriaceae (CPE) spread in the local environment. Our aim is to understand the molecular epidemiology and extent of CPE dissemination from the perspective of endemicity.
  • Area of the study
    Other than cancer
    Development items
    Regulatory approval
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    Led by Japan
    Number of participating countries, Number of participating institutions
    Number of participating countries:2, Number of participating institutions:2
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    Study design
    Observational study
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    Sample size
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    Not registered
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    Preclinical study
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    Not planned
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    Yes in all countries
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    Not fixed yet
    Stage of the study
    Using a single protocol as a single study
    IRB application
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    In Japan
    Consultation with regulatory authorities
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